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Over the past three months, I have enjoyed bringing the Everybody site to you, as well as starting the fan network and party line so we can all have even more fun celebrating Madonna. The reason it has all been so easy is because of wonderful fans and friends like you! Now, I gracefully take a bow and share some of your wonderful comments and feedback. I hope I can continue to bring you exactly what you are looking for! 


I really enjoyed your site. I was like wow, this is incredible and how awesome is that 
to be able to reach some many fans and be so creative and fun in the process. – 
William Amidon, Fitchburg, MA

Mary, just checked out some of your new web site and I like the look of it so far. 
It’s very bright and clean looking. Haven’t checked out the links as yet but I will. 
Very professional looking. GREAT JOB!!! You are giving me some ideas for my web site 
(when I start getting serious here!)!!  I'll keep checking in on it. – Gloria Heath, 
Seattle, Wa (Huge James Spader fan!) 
Hey there babe I am very Proud of you that you got this site up and working now. 
I am very glad that you did. I hope that this does take off just like you want it to. 
 will spread it to everyone that I know of to help you out. Well, Congrats again 
and good luck with it. – Robert Slover, Florida

Awesome web site!  You are doing a great job!!! – Ryan DesJardin, Oregon City, 

I’m not surprised my friend; I’ve told you you got a very awesome site, and Mariam 
you are a very cool Webmaster. I deal with a few Madonna SuperSite webmasters and
I gotta say you are by far one of my favorites, your site is growing and growing and it’s 
nice to see that happen your always a sweetheart, always friendly, always respectful. 
So Congrats my friend, you deserve it -Sean Tatryn, Vancouver, Canada

Hey, Pretty impressive site there. Good job! – James Sorum, Seattle, Wa

Thanks for the fanzine site!! I actually know a couple of people who will love that site!! 
– Andrew, Seattle, Wa

Well, I checked out your web site last night and I was very impressed!!!  (Just building drama)  
It felt like a very complete and well thought out site...which is high praise considering you've only 
been 'live' for such a short time.  Congratulations!  I checked links and such and everything seems 
to be functioning smoothly.  Great job, and I hope that this really builds up Everybody's submission 
and information base. 
– Stephen Zimmerman, Seattle, Wa 

Your site looks awesome, what a great job. – Amy Stevens, Seattle, Wa                                   That's moi!

Thanks so much Mariam. By the way I love your Website. Focusing on Madonna's fans is a refreshing change. There are tons of sites on Madonna but very few that are dedicated to fans as well. No doubt I will subscribe and participate in all that you have to offer. – George Cubedo, San Francisco, California

I just received your e-mail about you new fan club zine. I think it's very well done 
and organized. – Michael Craig, author of The Ultimate Madonna Trivia Book

I just got your e-mail and saw it on the Everybody web site that’s coool I haven't 
gotten any updates of your new web site. Your new web site looks very good.              
I love it. – Sean Edwards, Dalton, MA

This is Karl-Heinz from Germany. Congratulations for your nice HP. I didn't 
understand all of your words, because my English isn't good, but it seems that 
you are a very great fan. – Karl-Heinz, Germany

WOW!!  I am soooo impressed!!!  This is great!  That's a fun site!! 
– Rebekah Obelcz, Seattle, Wa

I have your magazine (which I loved by the way!) next to my computer so 
I would remember to write you THANK YOU for the lovely layout! 
THAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU!!! - Denise Bella Vlasis, Madonna Impersonator

Your site looks so good and thank you for such a complimentary feature on 
my work!  I am excited to be on there!  - Chris America, Madonna Impersonator

I thought I would check out your site and it's really cool!!! 
– Wayne Dutchman, Seattle, Wa

Thank you so much for adding my profile. It's the coolest addition to your site. 
I'm telling all my friends about it. Thanks again – Frank Savage, New York

Glad I could refer them to you. I figured you'd be the person who could help them out. Hope all is well with you. Take care... – Rob from ICON, referring 
to Maverick Records calling me for help!

I think your site is great! – Nick Mendoros, All Access Fan 

Your Website has come along way, congratulations on it and your 
fanzines :-) – Micah, Los Angeles, Ca

The site is very nice. There are hundreds of sites, but very few of them let the other fans take a 
bow. It's something I strive for as well. On my site friends come first...both literally and figuratively. 
I admire what you're doing and applaud your efforts. – Steve Nelson, Seattle, Wa – vinylmonster.com
I love the way you're connecting fans.- Ann Powers, writer for the New York Times and senior curator 
at Experience Music Project


Thank you everyone! We will soon have a guestbook for you to sign and let us know what you are looking for, but in the meantime, we want you to know that you will always come first! Thanks again and without you, I'm nothing!



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