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Here are the latest shots of fantastic impersonators strutting their stuff. If you would like to learn more about these great divas, email here for more information. Keep checking back for updated photos!

Chris America shared some great performance pics with us recently and now we are sharing them with you! Enjoy!



Denise strikes a re-invention pose! (with bracelet!)              Denise has been making the 80's party route.
                                                                                          Wouldn't you like to party with her?

Teaching another wanna-be the ropes!                                        Is that Madonna and Britney again? ;)

Denise makes the celebrity party circuit!

Denise strikes a very Madonna-worthy pose!             The group had a host of celebrity lookalikes!

Who is that with M? Could it be Michael Jackson?     Maybe "Madonna" is making plans! Is this a duet?

Chris America shoots a "money" shot

Denise Bella Vlasis goes over the borderline!

Chris America stays true to her name 
for "American Life"

Madiva is a big hit at Madonna conventions!
courtesy of Steve Caracao

Sean Paul brings Evita glamour to life!

Kenneth Blake goes ghetto for this great pose!
courtesy of Dan Gore

Melissa Toten is a fan favorite with her Drowned World Tour look!
courtesy of Dan Gore








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