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Fun And Free!!!!

All right, you took that important first step. You are ready to let people know you're out there! From here on, it's smooth sailing. ;) All you have to do is provide us with some stats, answer a couple questions, and share a few pics and you're done! See? Betcha didn't think it was that easy. So, here goes - 

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Madonna Faves
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Have you met her?

Favorite item in your collection and why?

What’s a way you show your love for Mo?

Any personal messages you would like to share.

We also need photos, preferably one of you and your collection, but any you can share will be great!

Send in all this information to mariam@everybodyfanclub.com and we look forward to your profile!

Don't have pics?
That's ok - we'll provide a placeholder if you are unable to send files electronically. Then, you can send us your best "strike a pose" shot here at:
3100 S. 208th St. #F-301
Seattle, Wa 98198
Still don't got anything? Let us know and we'll substitute a picture of Mo for you!

Privacy Issues - If you don't want anyone to know your e-mail and private information, simply let me know and we will re-direct your mail to me as a filter. We want you to know your security is a great concern to us!

Now, check out some of our great profiles here!






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