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Steve Fioriello

Age: 17
Location: Orange County, New York
Email: genkimochi@yahoo.com
Madonna Faves:
Fave Song: Vogue
Fave Video: Vogue
Fave Movie: Truth or Dare
Fave Album: Like a virgin, The Immaculate Collection
Fave Concert: Virgin Tour and Blonde Ambition
Fave Look: Early 80s and how she looked for vogue and dick tracy.
Fave Memory:
Oh gosh. LOL! I remember... I was around 4 or 5, sitting in the bath tub listening to vogue yelling for my mom to make it louder. Another was when I got to rent Truth or Dare for the first time. My mom didn't want me to see it (I was 7 at the time) but I had to since it was a Madonna film. I just grabbed it and handed it to my dad and he didn't check to see what I had grabbed off the shelf!
Fave Quote: "Happiness lies in your own hand..."

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Have you met Madonna? Nope :(

What is your favorite item in your collection and why? 
My cd's and lp's, because they mean a lot to me. I don't have much to my collection. I enjoy listening to them and I hardly get tired of doing do. I guess that's why makes them my favorite.

What's a way you show your love for Madonna? 
By supporting her 100%!

Any personal messages you would like to share: 
Strike a pose :P

Steve loves his vinyl and CD's, and the song Vogue!
















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