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Age: 15
Location: Herzeliya, Israel
Email: Dopihorovitz@walla.co.il 
Web site: http://www.madonnapolis.com 
Madonna Faves:
Fave Song: Bad Girl, Something To Remember, Hollywood.
Fave Video: Bad Girl and Express Yourself :)
Fave Album: American Life, I'm Breathless, Ray of Light
Fave Movie: Dick Tracy
Fave Concert: Drowned World Tours, Re-Invention
Fave Look: I can't pick one... I love her in every shape.
Fave Memory:
I remember when I was about 4-5 years old and I watched TV and Madonna was in Israel.. AMAZING that I knew who she was back then... I was SOO young...
Fave Quote: "I'm going to be sexually provocative, I'm going to be ironic, and I'm going to prove that I can get everyone's attention and that everyone's going to be interested in it...and still be freaked out about it"

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Have you met Madonna? No, maybe someday I will... if she gets lucky!

What is your favorite item in your collection and why? 
I just bought a gold CD of "Like A Virgin".. I love IT!!
My I'm Breathless album, which took two months to arrive!

What's a way you show your love for Madonna? 
I know what's going on with her... I buy her cd's, I keep in touch with other fans around the world, and I visit everybodyfanclub all the time J

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