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JoAnne Hasketh

Age: 32
Location: Fremont, California
Email: jchesketh@hotmail.com 
Madonna Faves:
Fave Song: Ray of Light
Fave Video: Drowned World
Fave Album: Ray of Light close tie with Music
Fave Movie: Swept Away
Fave Concert: So far Drowned World Tour, after tonight probably Re-Invention
Fave Look: Ray of Light/spiritual/Indian henna
Fave Memory:
MTV/American Life songs
Fave Quote or Lyric: "and I feel like I just got home"

Learn more about JoAnne!

Have you met Madonna? No =(

What's your fave item in your collection and why?
DWT DVD and 98:99 DVD - watch it every Saturday when I clean

Any personal messages or thoughts you would like to share: 
Thank you to Madonna - Music really does make the people come together!

Here's Mariam, JoAnne and her husband at the pre-party in San Jose at the Tied House - we had so much fun!








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