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Nancy Zimmerman

Location: Rochester, New York
Email: nancyjz@hotmail.com
Madonna Faves:
Fave Song: Picking my favorite song is like picking your favorite child!!  There is a Madonna song for every mood that I'm in.  I do play "Frozen" quite a bit.
Fave Concert: I have been to the Re-Invention tour and it is now my fave!
Fave Look: My favorite style era is in the early 90's, Erotica LP, sex book, etc.
Fave Memory: I remember when I first heard the song "Borderline" and thought she was a black singer (before the days of MTV).  All I knew was that I loved her music and then when I saw her videos, I fell in love with her style and attitude.  Like every other Madonna fan, I dressed like her, even to school.  My class picture of me in the yearbook on my first day of high school was of me dressed like her even down to the crucifix (which I had to sneak out of the house) and painted on mole!  When I had to come up with a catholic confirmation name, I tried to use the name Madonna as my middle name but the church wouldn't allow me to. I'm sure they figured out that I wasn't talking about the Madonna that they had hoped me to idolize.

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Have you met Madonna? I have always had two dreams in life, to see the Pyramids of Egypt and to meet Madonna.  All I have to do is meet Madonna!  I'm sure that dream is right up there with a billion other fans!!

What is your favorite item in your collection and why? 
My collections consist of magazines, calendars, posters, pins, tour books, t-shirts, pillow case, earrings, albums, CDs, videos, movies, books - the usual.  I don't think that I own any "rare" collectible but all of my items are mint condition and will never be sold unless to avoid being homeless on the street!  I am a member of a Madonna fan club as well.  I have only written to her once when I was a teenager but received no response.

What's a way you show your love for Madonna? 
Anyone who knows me knows that I admire Madonna.  I can relate to the pain of loosing her mom to cancer as I have as well, and to constantly look for something or someone to fill the giant hole that was left behind.  Knowing what she went through and seeing how successful she is has helped me move on.
























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