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Age: 17
Location: New Jersey
Email: thethrill86@aol.com 
Madonna Faves:
Fave Song: Like a Prayer, I want you, I'll remember, Oh Father, I'm so Stupid, You'll See, Nothing Fails, Bad Girl, Frozen, Power of Goodbye
Fave Video: Oh Father, Vogue, Human Nature, Like a Prayer, Bad Girl, Secret, Frozen all of them with a strong message.
Fave Concert: DWT, Blonde Ambition, Mtv on Stage and on the record
Fave Look: In video. Bad girl, I want you, secret.
Fave Memory: When I had a chance to see and meet her on MTV on stage and on the record on 4/22/03 I had 1st row seats. I didn't get her autograph/pic though. MTV was really strict about that.
Fave Quote:
"I think my fans tend to be pretty expansive thinking people who are always themselves looking for something new something different who are adventurous so I think we're on the same wave length we are feeling each other they are on my journey with me."

Learn more about Dana!

Have you met Madonna? Yes, see above I said hello and she said hello back. She also sang "Nothing Fails" to me. I was right in front of the mic.

What is your favorite item in your collection and why? 
Rare t-shirts, Pictures, tour jackets, Picture books, tickets. They show that I'm a big fan. I love looking at M. pics and wearing M. clothes.

What's a way you show your love for Madonna? 
Wearing Madonna stuff, buying memorabilia, albums, going to every tour, reading news everyday.

















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