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Stephan Harms
Hamburg, Germany

Dear visitor of the EVERYBODY FANCLUB page!

Welcome to my personal profile. Here all Madonna fans have the chance to introduce themselves, I'm a fan and that's why: "Here is my profile!". You can find a picture of me and part of my collection on the profile page. I know, that my picture looks very strange :o), but I'm just eating there in a Chinese restaurant. It tasted that good.

OKAY, OKAY! Now I'm talking about myself. Well, my name is Stephan, I was born in Hamburg/Germany in 1981 and that's why I'm 21 now! This summer I have passed my examination of my apprenticeship as a "commercial secretary". I'm not sure whether this is the right word in English! Now I'm working in the administration as a referee. In my free time, I like it to listen music (Madonna, Amy Grant, ballads and the oldies of the 60's and 70's; don't laugh, okay?), watching TV (X-Files, Galileo - a German soap about all interesting and fascinating things in a world -, Simpsons, Sabrina-the teenage witch), meeting my friends!

How long I've been a Madonna Fan?
have adored Madonna since January 1994, I remember, when I got the Girlie Show on tape. Since then, I have collected every Madonna item I can get my hands on.

What my Madonna collection includes?
Many CDs, Vinyls, Cassettes, Magazines and Fanzines, Videos and stuff like this.

My favorite album: Erotica, Music... well, ALL albums!
My favorite song: at the time I always hear "Express Yourself", "What It Feels Like For A Girl", "Drowned World", "Fever", "Where Life Begins" etc.
My favorite tour: 1.) my first faves are Blond Ambition and Girlie Show
                         2.) Drowned World tour
                         3.) Who's That Girl Tour
                         4.) Virgin Tour
My favorite movie: In Bed With Madonna / Truth Or Dare

Since July 2000, I have my own Madonna homepage, called MadonnaCentre. First it was a "Latest News" website... after many versions, it became a Fanzine guide. To get more information about MadonnaCentre, pre-order the latest issue of EVERYBODY and visit my homepage www.madonnacentre.de.vu

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: EroticDita@aol.com

Many greetings,
Xx Steph xX




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