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Christopher Vasquez

Age: 26
Location: Manhattan, New York
Email: chrisv23@hotmail.com  
Madonna Faves:
Fave Song: "Impressive Instant" (what a great sound & beat), "Holiday" (stands the test of time) & "Crazy For You" (I always said this song will play at my "wedding")
Fave Video: "Bedtime Story" (amazing imagery), "Beautiful Stranger" (what a body!) & "Bad Girl" (simply gorgeous)
Fave Movie: Who's That Girl (couldn't be funnier!), Evita (perfect) & Truth or Dare (100% Madonna. Who WOULDN'T mind a sequel to THIS movie, huh?) 
Fave Concert: Girlie Show! (holy boobs batman!)
Fave Look: I think Mr. Ritchie would agree with me when I say...Erotica era ALL THE WAY!
Fave Quote: "I'm not a crass materialist" -Madonna as Loren in 'Up For Grabs' (I know this quote is not an original, but how apropos!)
Fave Memory: This one is easy.  Post-Valentine's Day around 2:30AM at the Roxy in NYC. Madonna stands in front of a curtain and begins to sing "Sky Fits Heaven".  She slowly lifts up this long black veil.  Looks directly in my direction.  Walks slowly towards me and at the climax of the first chorus, she grabs my hand and sings..."Its a VERY good place to...start".  I could have died that night :-)

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Have you met Madonna? Unfortunately, no.  I do not classify the countless times I've bumped into her as actually MEETING her.

What is your favorite item in your collection and why? 
Being that I have items that range from $0.02 to $2,000, the item I treasure the most is an invitation to Brixton Academy to hear Madonna's MUSIC.  When you open the card, it plays about 15 seconds of Music.  How GReAT is that! :)

What's a way you show your love for Madonna? 
EBAY EBAY EBAY...AND I don't HOUND her, as some people I've met throughout the years.  There're some LOONEY's out there!

Any personal messages you would like to share:
Yeah!  Where are the Madonna fans from NEW YORK CITY?! The place where it ALL started from!  I meet so many fans from other countries, & states, but RARELY meet ANYONE that's a TRUE (blue) Madonna fan from NEW YORK CITY.  If you're out there, lets do lunch! :-)

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