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We live to Die Another Day in Seattle!
Justin Feldsine, Mariam Ayub, Steve Nelson, and an anonymous unnamed person.

Michelle readies the Die-Another-Day-Mobile!

Justin, Michael, and Michelle get ready for the movie!

The party was in full swing with a Die Another Day theme!

The group gets together to dish on Mo!

Do I have to admit that I am 30 now? LOL Well, one fab thing about that momentous event was the chance to have it coincide with the premiere of the new Bond movie, "Die Another Day". We had a blast all weekend with many Madonna-centered events. Here's a taste of what we did - 

On Friday night, my friend Michelle got into town from Portland and we decided to head out dancing. We hit Pollyesters again and Michelle brought some Madonna vinyl along as well. We were treated to "Like a Virgin" (the 12" remix), plus a "Vogue" remix and the "Material Girl" 12" remix! Unfortunately, we couldn't get them to play "Die Another Day" at the club, but at least we got to hear our Mo! Woohoo!

Saturday, we headed out to see the matinee showing of "Die Another Day" and before we headed out, Michelle got the car gussied up with DAD and everybodyfanclub.com decorations which were way cool and all in red! We displayed that on the car all weekend. ;) Our friend, Michael Reeves, joined us for the movie and it was a blast hearing the theme song, seeing Madonna's awesome cameo, and hearing other mixes of the song throughout the movie. Afterwards, we met up with my friend Justin and got pizzas for the DAD/birthday party which was good fun. We discussed and debated Madonna's new stuff, watched the Behind the Scenes for the video and did the birthday thing! I received wonderful gifts from everyone, especially the awesome jacket that Michelle made. Nikki Finn forever!

On Sunday, we got together for a brunch at a local Denny's and talked shop with Steve Nelson. Steve presented me with a rare, limited edition LIVE AID signed lithograph, which I am so stunned to own. Thank you, Steve! What a wonderful party and full weekend. You guys all rock! 

We live to Die Another Day!

-Mariam Ayub, now an old lady...;)

Check out the cool coat that Michelle gave me for my birthday!


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