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Portland Knows Where the Party's At!

One exuberant fan shared his Madonna expertise with host DJ Alex!

Great ads like this adorned the Portland festivities!

Mariam poses in Gary's store!

Michelle shows her American Life pride!

Gary did a fantastic job with his storefront!

Two gals ready for a night on the town!

DJ Alex got the party started!

Many tried their hand at the hard trivia questions!

Michelle struck a Madonna-like pose when she was up!

What a great thrill to win the grand prize!

With the help from Funky DJ ALEX and many Groovy Portland Fans the WB Official Sponsored Party at BOXXES Downtown Portland on Monday night 04/21/03 was the GREATEST MADONNA PARTY THE NW HAS EVER EXPERIENCED!
After Saturday nights party at Neighbours Nite Club in  Seattle we were happy to have scored some promotional American Life items like the postcards, flats, big Poster & liner, and the Missy Elliot promo remix CD.  In Seattle we were also excited to have met up with Madonna Ghetto Fabulous Impersonator SEAN PAUL again totally by Chance.  I went up to the DJ Randy Schlaeger early that night when we first got there mentioning that there were a group of us here from the NW Madonna EVERYBODY Fan Club and gave him some of my Madonna Vinyl mixes to play. He hooked us up with the first 10 numbered  American Life wristbands. Thank U RANDY!  He told me that he would call the numbers during the night and score us some of this cool Madonna Promo stuff.  DJ Randy also told me that there would be a Madonna Impersonator performing that night named SEAN PAUL.  At that moment I knew  there was a reason I recognized his name, but not realizing it was from the first OAKLAND Drowned World Show September 5th, 2001 with whom Mariam took a picture of me with.  Anyway, because of some communication problems Sean Paul did not Dress up like Madonna that night. BUT Michael, Mariam, Sean Paul, Gary & I still made the most FUN of the night having a MADONNA GOOD TIME! Cause we the FANS know how to PARTY and have a GOOD TIME just Chillin, Dancin, and Speaking the Madonna Language of LOVE!  But we were let down a bit with not much Madonna Music played at the Seattle Madonna Release party even though I had made the effort to bring some Madonna Vinyl for DJ Randy to Play.  But Portland's Madonna WB Sponsored American Life CD Release Party MADE UP FOR ALL THAT!

Mariam and I headed down to Portland from Seattle Sunday evening around 6pm after celebrating her mom Patricia's Birthday/Easter Party.  We headed down in my car listening to the whole American Life CD and the AWESOME CD Mixes that SEAN PAUL gave us Saturday night when we retreated to his car for our own Madonna music party after we left the Neighbours Nite Club.  SEAN PAUL's CD Mixes were totally Wonderful by the way!  So we got our Groove on like Funky Chicks in my Green Honda Civic on our way down to my house in Portland. 

Much to showing our age Mariam and I slept in Monday morning.  Boy were we tired already.  We got ourselves up in time though to go see the most AWESOME American Life Window store display being created by our friend Gary at his Gift card & CD selling store BALLOONS ON BROADWAY downtown Portland.  Gary & his coworker  Charlie Did a FABULOUS Job promoting & honoring our LADY MADONNA in his FUNKY AMERICAN DREAM window Display.  It's amazing what a TRUE FAN can do in creation of an art form that he loves!  After taking some excellent pictures of Gary's AWESOME  window Display and helping in scoring some more cool American life made Dog Tags by Mariam for Gary to give to some of his Madonna fan friends at the club that night, we then ran off to the Mall once more to get some cute shirts made & outfits put together.  Then It was time we headed home to get ready to PARTY once more!  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  When it comes to The EVERYBODY FAN TEAM the party never stops when it comes to Loyal and Dedicated Madonna FANS!

Mariam and I met up with Gary for dinner at the GREEK CUISINE Restaurant downtown Portland at 7:30pm. Well we were supposed to anyway... like any girl getting ready for a Madonna EVENT we were running late.GO FIGURE!  So it was actually close to 7:45pm when we got there.  That's ok, cause to our delight Gary was late too!  We ate dinner and could not seem to eat it all for we were having so much fun just talking about Madonna and everything that was going on around us on the TELE and with the Whole Original American Life video being shelved.  Everyone loves to talk about what she does and does not do.  We just can't wait to share the love for her with other fans!  So after some dishing on Madonna & her wonderful new album and getting some doggy bags to go we headed off to our TRES FABULOUS PORTLAND PARTY!

Much to our surprise when we got to BOXXES nightclub at 9pm it was almost jam packed.  We couldn't believe it.  It was like there was a fan in every corner of the club and we were in MADONNA HEAVEN!  The Seattle Party was nearly Empty on Saturday night at 9pm.  We got our American Life wrist bands as we walked in and got stamped.  Immediately one of my coworkers from US Bank (Kyle) noticed me at the club and said that I should have known you would be here tonight!  Being Madonna night.  He knows that I'm a huge fan!   We talked for a bit and wished each other a good time and then headed off to order a drink and mingle about.  Gary went off to give his friends the cool American Life Dog Tags that Mariam Made.  I think this made him very popular that night! But I think the next thing I'm about to talk about made the three of us even more popular that night! 

At dinner we told Gary that we should ask DJ ALEX (Alex Broderson) if he can play at the BOXXES nite club the extra copy on VHS that Mariam made of the ORIGINAL  American Life video.  (A special THANK YOU goes out to her Boyfriend for this.  U know who u are!)  We wont mention how we got this to save us from scrutiny, but it is from a German TV Show airing of the video before it was shelved.  The quality is not the Greatest, but it still ROCKS! And would most likely have won an MTV video award for Bravery Alone!  Guess MTV should start a new Category for music videos PREVENTED from being Released!  Anyway, when they played the video that night EF Hutton did not speak.IT WAS MADONNA!  Not a pin drop could be heard as we watched everyone get quiet to listen and watch Madonna's REAL new Video that NOONE has been Allowed the FREEDOM to see!  Mariam & I grew VERCLEMT and felt like we were about to cry for seeing everyone's first reaction to her video and being the ones to bring it to them & to share the experience with them at the club that night!  WE FELT THE LOVE! Big time! 

After they showed the video they had a Madonna Quiz Contest to win Prizes, although they had not received the Box from WB yet.  So we were to write our name and phone numbers down on the list of winners.  DJ ALEX Hosted this party, Contest Quiz and did a wonderful job at it too.  He was the life of the Party!  Both Mariam and I luckily had the chance to answer a question and with help from each other got them right!   SEE, EVERYBODY Fan Club TEAMWORK WORKS!  Mariam's Question was "What is Madonna's Eye Color?".. Blue/Green.  My Question was What is Madonna's  Favorite of her own songs?"Live to Tell. 

Read more down below!!!

The Club did have plenty of Promo American Life Postcards, Flats, Small nightclub sponsored
American Life CD Release Party at Boxxes cards, and Liner Posters all about the walls though for us to grab if we wanted them.  The last question of the night was to win a PROMO Madonna American Life Standee like the one that Tower Records I noticed has on display.  Mariam and I both  went up to the podium for more of a chance for one of us to win the standee.  The Question was "What Country is Madonna's Favorite Hotel located in?"  Of course, I did not have a clue and was only thinking of NYC.  Another fan next to me guessed Spain and was incorrect.  Mariam was still thinking about the answer and then had it!   FRANCE.the answer is from the song SECRET GARDEN! Mariam and I jumped for Madonna Joy!  I for one was so proud of her to have the right answer!  It makes it extra special that she won the Standee from her own effort and expertise on Madonna as a ZINE writer.  It makes It Super Duper Great too that the club Video taped everything that we experienced that night.  We can't wait to relive that moment that night when we get the video copy from DJ ALEX.  I gave Mariam a huge hug!  She so deserved to win that standee and to have that moment video taped!  THANKS ALEX!  Experiences like that and sharing them with your fellow fan friends is what makes life worth living for!

Before and after winning the standee in the Madonna Quiz contest I went about  handing out our EVERYBODY FAN CLUB site cards at www.everybodyfanclub.com to other fans in the club.  This was an Awesome chance to get more members to join our club.  Mariam could Not do this for her voice was still bad from getting over a cold. I met a lot of fans and shook there hands. I asked them to check out the site and send in their profiles. Many asked for me to make them a tee shirt.  So I told them to join the club & Send  in their profile and just maybe then they would get a shirt from me.

One of the most interesting people we met that night was DAN EWING (AKA VIRIDIA) from Portland, Oregon and who now has his profile on our site!  WAHOO!   Dan ROCKS for he was dressed up as our MADONNA AMERICAN LIFE video SOLDIERESS!   He was down to the tee with an Awesome beret & brown hair wig and he was looking TRES SUPER DUPER!!!  It was great to finally meet up with Dan for he is someone I have been searching for since 1996 when I first saw his Add in the back of the ICON Zines!   I have been trying to track down fans like him since then in the Portland area and was delighted when he told me his name! Dan performs at the niteclub EMBERS and we will be checking his act out some Friday night when we can all come out and party and cheer him on.  I will be doing an interview with Dan and Mariam will be putting him on the Madonna Impersonators page of her site in the near future. 

I also met up with someone I have been looking for that I lost track of.  His name is ISRAEL and a big Madonna Fan too.  He works at another niteclub called Babalu's in Vancouver and they had done a Madonna CD Release party that previous Thursday night too.  I had called the Babalu's club earlier that week to get info on their party, but I did not have time to go to that one. Israel mentioned that he had a feeling it was me that called the club that night! 
It was so nice to see him again and I hope that he keeps in touch and joins our club too. The more Wonderful Madonna fans the better!  That was the greatest thing about this party was that we were able to get in touch with past Madonna fan friends and make new ones in the process. 

Much THANKS now goes out to WB, MADONNA, & to DJ ALEX! Without U ALEX this may not have happened. I have known DJ ALEX for some time now.  BUT not always been in touch with him.  I met him when he worked at a former Record store called Turntable Mary's here in Downtown Portland back in 1996.  He was always a great sport and very helpful to me when I was shopping for PRINCE or MADONNA music at his store at the time. He is a GREAT GUY with GREAT TASTE IN MUSIC (A Madonna Fan himself) and I am forever GRATEFUL TO HIM for just being WHO HE IS! I know I have met up with him at Platinum Records also downtown Portland in the past and he is the one who Set us up with some great Madonna FUN DJ'ing some Great Madonna Music 4 us on Madonna's Birthday August 16th, 1996 at the CITY Nightclub. I thank u forever for that! And get us that Video ALEX!!!  SOON PLEASE!!!!!  U ROCK!!! U Always know who the TRUE FANS R!  & that is ALEX for one!

After mingling about All of us sat at a table just to take in all our Madonna Fun so far and chat about Madonna's new album as they were playing it at the club.  My Friend Chris McMurry was so nice enough to meet up with us earlier that evening at the club wearing a white tank & looking like that model in Janet's video "Love will never do without u".  U looked Awesome Chris.  Ooh those muscles are toned!   We all just sat and chilled for a bit, Mariam & I, Chris, Gary, and Dan. I think it was Chris then that mentioned how one of the songs on the album reminds him of "Dust in the Wind" and that was so True.

We were then ready to go PLOW our moves on the DANCE FLOOR on the other side of the Club.  It was time to GET INTO THE GROOVE for everything the DJ PLAYED that NIGHT WAS MADONNA!   I'm talking everything!  Can u Believe it!?!  I don't know a better Madonna time Mariam and I have ever had. This was even better than the Fan Pre Party at the RUBY Sky niteclub that ETS Routes did for the fans before the Drowned World show in Oakland Sept 6th, 2001.  DJ ALEX and another DJ were kind enough to play some of my vinyl I brought for them including a rare Madonna Mix, the Promo GHV2 Vinyl mixes, & the  MAD ABOUT MADONNA Hot Tracks Vinyl I have.  Special Thanks to DJ ALEX again for this TRES FABULOUS SUPER DUPER MADONNA PARTY HE Hosted for us at BOXXES Monday Night April 21st, 2003.  Thanks for the extra wrist bands you gave us and for just being so kind.  Madonna should know that there are people like you supporting her and the same goes for Gary too!  I hope that Madonna sees this Review on our site and gets comfort in knowing what Great fans she has!  We will always support her and love whatever she does!  We danced our asses off on the Dance Floor until around 1 or 1:30 am when
we had to go home for some of us had to work the next morning like me 4 one!   That is how dedicated to Madonna we all are!  We would only stay out all night for her!   Much LOVE goes out to EVERYBODY that was on the DANCE FLOOR sharing the LOVE 4 MADONNA AND HER MUSIC that night!
The Fans that Cherish Madonna 2gether Stay 2gether and that's the god damn TRUTH!

So that is it!  WB & Madonna, We Thank U for this chance to connect with other fans!  It's a rare situation to be able to honor Madonna in this way!  Nite Clubs don't usually devote the whole night to our ICON!

Michelle Basart


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